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Oct 7, 2012 9:30pm EDT
after three years. the night that i heard mr. romney's comments about the 47% my chair. -- i almost fell out of my chair. i'm going to school every night for almost two years in the hopes of trying to improve my family's life, you know? and obviously that would help the economy. those comments? this is a window into our life. i'm a democrat. i will probably vote for the president, but i like mitt romney. i think he's a good guy. which president would he be? which one would he be? is he going to be the one who said it's probably not $5 trillion, but it's pretty close? i think rebecca would agree. i think when he flips to people like me coming on my television screen in my living room, i do not know who this man is. now he apologizes for the 47%? the media does not even talk about it. like i said, i think he's a good guy, but on the face, he seems like a clear a liar in the face of the american people. host: let's go to alan viard. does romney have a problem explaining his tax policy and getting clarity on his vision political fray? guest: i think governor romney did say a few days ag
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1